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QS welcomes retailers or individuals to engage in a wholesaler program in which we provide :

• Products
• After Sales Services
• Promotional Materials
• Marketing Supports


Our products are diversified according to retailer’s market area. Why? Because we have more than 100 products in the market with different class of products. We need to understand what is our retailer’s capability and target market to be able to advise and monitor what products are sellable at retailer’s respectful area.

We endow full range of support in terms of services and marketing activities to empower strong brands through wholesaler-retailer relationship.

OEM / Private Label

At QS, we venture to provide the best quality and services to meet our client’s expectations. With our great expertise in chocolate industry, we present latest R&D trends, including current chocolate flavours and keep up-to-date with the hottest packaging experience.


A Top-Notch Chocolate
We offer chocolate in a wide range of formulations that perform to the high standards of the world’s food industry. With the best cocoa from Belgium and Ghana, we manufacture and export chocolate to more than 30 countries with the guarantee of premium quality and high value. Our best quality of chocolates ranging from real cocoa butter to compound; milk, white, dark with added value of innovation through various process to create a top-notch chocolate in Asia. We believe with combination of your own recipes/flavours and our high quality chocolate will develop a competitive product in the market.

Packaging Experience

We are always one step ahead in designing the best packaging for customers. With experienced expertise in the company, we managed to deliver the current trend in labelling and packaging design. Nonetheless, we provide a good service in consulting our customers what to put and how to create packaging to fulfil customer’s satisfaction.

We also provide service in repacking various dried confectioneries and snacks. With our high-tech and heavy duty machines, we are able to repack local delicacies such as pudding, cookies, dried fruits, and crackers, dodol, coffee powder. We offer to repack in many forms of packaging either boxes, containers, pouch, and OPP bag.

Customise Chocolates for Events

Catering, Festives, Special Occasions.. We put your name on everyone’s lips

Quantum Supplies specialises in custom designed Corporate orders. We also customise chocolates for Weddings and any Special Occasions you can imagine.

Look no further! you can mix and match or create your own unique sets from our lovely designed chocolates. Try us today.